Greenhill Resort Cameron Highlands

Apartment Greenhill Resort

Greenhill Resort Apartment in Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands is quite nice. Whether staying in the Berjaya Leisure RCI units or privately owned apartment units, either way the accommodation were great, well furnished and clean. Greenhill apartment is good way house many person such as your entire family clan, well parents, sister, brother, children, relative, well technically based on the 3 beds included you should be able to check in 6 person, but with a bit of adjustment, renting some extra beds, sleep on sofa or bring your own sleeping bags you could fit in more. Of course do try to be comfortable while you are at it.

The location is great, just a stone's throw away from Heritage Hotel and walking distance to Tanah Rata town. While the missus was preparing the steamboat meal, I took a quickie hop over to Tanah Rata town on foot. Even got them some satay on the way back. The cool weather was rather nice for the brisk walk to downtown.

My Church somehow has RCI membership or something, and they will book the entire apartment under the Berjaya Leisure Greenhill Resort unit for church camp. They were able to keep the cost down by doing so in order for many church members to be able to afford a trip to good old Cameron Highlands for fellowship, prayers, learning and good round camaraderie fun!

So I got to try both the Berjaya Leisure RCI owned apartment units and privately owned units handled by holiday booking companies. Both were superb. The only issue was the kitchen sink. They tend to get blocked as usual due to food preparation and washing. Most case a quick plumbing job would settle the matter. Still the heaviest wear and tear of apartments in Cameron Highlands will always be the kitchen.

Greenhill Resort gets the thumbs up from me for overall stay. Location is great, kitchen has the usual problem, rooms are basically clean, ample parking space, and great surrounding. Any drawback? The price tag-lah!

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