Hotel Heritage Cameron Highlands

Heritage Hotel room that we stayed

Hotel Heritage Cameron Highlands is located on a hill top next to a convent school in Tanah Rata. If you are lucky you may get a room with a view of Tanah Rata town. But basically any view would be just fine as Hotel Heritage is surrounded by the highlands jungle.

For a star rated hotel accommodation, this place is not too bad. Judging by the fact that they have added new wing to their existing building they are doing pretty well. The new wing will of course certainly cost you more, but it will be new. Even the older rooms were not too bad. Though when I checked in with my wife, we were given a room that somehow had some mildew smell. So we decided to change the room. Not all rooms are like that. The high humidity in Cameron Highlands makes it difficult to upkeep and maintain the carpets I suppose.

If you are a member of the Heritage vacation club, you could use your points to book a room here. It seems the new wing is not available for vacancy if you use your Heritage vacation club points. However my dad managed to talk to the manager to upgrade his room because he got leftover points that were about to expire. Though he had to spend extra points, at least it was not wasted and he could try out the new rooms at the new wing.

The Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands shares the same compound with the Greenhill Apartments. They are not related though it did confuse me initially. They are run under different management.

Within the Heritage Hotel compound there is a small children playground so your kids could have some fun in the outdoors. Within the Heritage Hotel they have a restaurant at the basement that could serve up steamboat. But I felt it was normal standard fare. So if you are feeling lazy to go Tanah Rata or it is raining cats and dogs outside, then the restaurant would be a good option.

And yes, they have a little secret garden next to the restaurant. A simple labyrinth like garden with pools and nicely landscaped. A good place to walk about for some greenery exposure. Due to the tall Heritage hotel building surrounding the little garden, there isn't much bright sunlight, so photos may get a little muted. Still a nice place for some photos!

And if you prefer some western food, then head to their café on the ground floor. Usually just the standard fare and nothing to shout about.

Overall, the Hotel Heritage may be star rated, but you would expect pretty much standard service. You would certainly get a comfortable stay and the service level is reasonable. Perhaps to wring out the extras you may have to get chummy with them. Location wise it is good within walking distance to Tanah Rata town. The road is not that steep unlike Strawberry Park, and with Tanah Rata nearby you could leave your vehicle, if you drove, in Heritage Hotel and do some walkabout around town.

If you have stayed, so what say you?

Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands

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